Social Interaction in Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries (Bogota)


This research was presented as final work for the Bachelor’s Degree of Anthropology at the National University of Colombia (1997-2002). I was interested in the distrust inspired by economic dimensions of art among artists. This distrust seems to be one of the foundations of the ideal of selfless artist, someone who believes not having any role in the art market. In terms of methodology, the research was based on an exercise in observing the activities of three art galleries. Theoretically, this study was nourished by the contributions of symbolic interactionism of Erving Goffman and the economy of symbolic goods of Pierre Bourdieu. As a result, this paper includes several testimonials about the history of the art galleries in Bogotá, among which it is worth highlighting the contributions of Hans Ungar, a bookseller of Austrian origin who founded the first modern art gallery in the city and it was at the time of the investigation the older gallerist in the city.


Academic Director: Fabian Sanabria
Defended in November 2002. Jury members : Fabian Sanabria, Genoveva Iriarte and Hans Abderhalden.
My studies at the National University received the generous support of José David Tenorio, former director of the Carvajal Foundation.